Project Description

Here we have another awesome landscaping project installed by Oasis Landscapes in West Fargo. The patio pavers selected for the project are very neat. The color difference of each paver gives this patio a really unique look. If you look closely at each paver, the color difference is pretty extreme. When you put them all together in a patio, they look like they belong together. This style of paver creates a really unique looking patio. To transition the elevation change from the patio to the home, we designed and installed a custom stair system using the same materials as the patio. When staircases match the rest of the patio, it always creates a very unique and custom feeling. This beautiful patio was then surrounded with plant beds and rock fill. There is a large variety of bushes, shrubs, trees, and flowers included in this landscape which keeps it visually appealing from any angle. Would you love a landscape like this in your backyard? If so, give us a call!

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