Project Description

Another great example of our landscaping work in the Fargo area. This landscape is one of the most complex landscaping project we have on record. The included pictures only show a portion of the complete landscape. First off we have a really nice large stone or boulder retaining wall. This retaining wall is unique in that it is a very natural feature of this landscape. The multi tier retaining wall was designed to allow room for plant beds. You can also see the corner of an octagon shaped swing that surrounds a fire pit. This area is filled with pebble rock fill. Moving on to other areas of this landscape we have a gorgeous staircase which utilizes additional retaining walls. These retaining walls are constructed of a standard landscaping material. There will be a lot of room to include additional plants, trees, and shrubs around this staircase. At the bottom of the staircase we have a small patio which surrounds an existing tree. This is one of the things we take pride in at Oasis Landscapes. Creating beautiful landscapes with nature. This is a perfect example of what that means. Instead of removing the tree, we just built around the tree making it part of the landscape design. Are you ready to start a landscaping project in the Fargo area? If you are give us a call! If you are just looking for landscaping ideas, head over to our portfolio.