Landscaping Projects

Are you looking for landscaping in Fargo North Dakota or the surrounding area?  Oasis Landscapes is located in West Fargo and proudly offers landscaping services to Fargo ND, West Fargo, ND, Moorhead MN, and the surrounding area.  We have been in the landscaping business for well over 10 years and have completed many unique landscaping projects during that time.  Here you will find a collection of those landscaping projects.  If you see something you like, click the link icon to learn more about that project.  If you would like to see a larger image, click the magnifying glass to start a slide show.  The slide show will also allow you to share your favorite projects on social media.  

If you like the work we have done in the past and are in the market for landscaping services give us a call.  We love what we do and are very excited to meet you and learn more about your landscaping goals.  If you like us, which we know you will, we look forward to making you landscaping dreams a reality. 


Raised Patio with Integrated Pool and Unique Privacy Panel Safety Rails

If you are looking for a landscaper in Fargo that creates truly unique outdoor spaces, this project should tell you everything you need to know. This outdoor living space has many features but the one sure to get all the attention is the pool that is nicely fitted right into […]


Raised Deck to Patio with Fire Pit and Seat Wall in West Fargo, ND

Here is another great landscape in West Fargo, ND designed and installed by Oasis Landscapes. This landscape design features a raised deck that directly connects to the indoor living space. This raised deck allows room for entertaining, grilling, and enjoying this outdoor space. The raised deck […]


Backyard Fire Pit with Seat Wall and Paver Patio

This landscape in Fargo is sure be a popular spot for entertaining, relaxing, and enjoying the outdoors. This landscape features a custom fire pit designed and installed by Oasis Landscapes. The fire pit is half surrounded by a retaining seat wall. Seat walls or sitting walls are a […]


Boulder Retaining Wall with Patio and Paver Stair Case

Another great example of our landscaping work in the Fargo area. This landscape is one of the most complex landscaping project we have on record. The included pictures only show a portion of the complete landscape. First off we have a really nice large stone or boulder retaining wall. This retaining […]


Raised Paver Patio with Retaining Walls, Stairs, Deck, and Seating Wall

Our goal at Oasis Landscapes located in West Fargo, ND is to create unique outdoor living spaces. This landscape surely fits within that goal. There are a large number of elements in this landscape making in very interesting. First off we have the retaining walls supporting the raised […]


Multi-Colored Paver Patio with Stair System and Rock Fill Edging

Here we have another awesome landscaping project installed by Oasis Landscapes in West Fargo. The patio pavers selected for the project are very neat. The color difference of each paver gives this patio a really unique look. If you look closely at each paver, the color difference is […]


Stained Concrete Patio with Retaining Walls and Lots of Landscape Lighting

Are you looking for stained concrete for your landscaping in Fargo or the surrounding area? Here we have a beautiful example of what stained concrete can go. This patio is amazingly beautiful. Quite a lot of work went into completing this landscaping project. There are a ton of elements included in […]


Retaining Wall Landscaping Around Flag Pole

Here we have another great example of landscaping in Fargo, North Dakota. This landscaping project shows of this property owners patriotism and support for the NDSU Bison. The elevation change of this property even being very slight allowed for installation of retaining walls making this project rise out of […]


Large Stone Retaining Wall with Patio and Sitting Stones

This is one of our favorite retaining wall projects. If you like the look of this landscape and are looking for an experienced landscaper in West Fargo North Dakota or the surrounding area give us a call. Designing unique landscapes like this is one of our greatest strengths. […]


Brick Driveway, Retaining Walls, and Stairs

This is a very unique landscaping project. The most notable portion of the landscape is the paver driveway. Driveways are usually constructed with concrete. Having the opportunity the build a paver driveway was a great experience. We also added a bit of detail to the center of the driveway with the larger bricks. This adds […]


Patio with Hot Tub Surrounded by Elevated Rocked Filled Plant Beds

Here we have another amazing landscaping project installed by Oasis Landscapes in West Fargo. There is a lot going on with this landscape and it was a challenging design. This landscape features a patio with a hot tub which everyone can appreciate. There is nothing like time in a hot tub on a cool […]


Earth Tone Paver Patio with Sitting Wall and Rock Fill Edging

Who wouldn’t love to have this landscape in their backyard. The landscape design includes a paver patio with a nice sitting wall surrounding the outermost edge of the patio. The columns at each end of the sitting wall make this feature stand out of the landscape.

Don’t forget the hot tub in the […]


Large Stone Patio with Colorful Rock Bed Edging

This is one of the most gorgeous pictures of one of our landscaping projects which is why it is featured on our home page.  

This landscape design consist of large irregularly shaped stone patio blocks.  The nature of the stone gives each piece a slightly different color.  It is a challenge to put these […]


Gray Paver Patio with Edging, Rocks, and Plants

This landscaping project really adds to the appeal of this backyard. It looks like it was built with the house! The similar colors of the patio pavers and the exterior of this house is not something you get with every landscape. It really makes this patio jump out of the space. The combination of […]


Paver Patio with Fire Pit & Integrated Plantscapes

This landscaping project is one of my favorites. It’s in my backyard! The design of the landscape incorporates a large number of elements. Right away there was the large tree to deal with that was going to be right in the middle of the patio. Instead of removing that tree, it was incorporated into […]