Landscaping Services

At Oasis Landscapes, we take great pride in the attention we give to our customers.  Our professional team will work with you through the landscape consultation, design, and installation process.  We promises to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers.  In addition, we will strive to implement a long term relationship with our clients; based on quality, timely service, and anticipation of their needs.

On-Site Consultation

Landscaping projects can get very complicated rather quickly.  Without understanding your space and having a “lay of the land” it is almost impossible to properly design a landscape.

At Oasis Landscapes we understand this, which is why we offer on-site consultation.  One of our experienced landscape designers will meet with you at your property to discuss your goals, and get that “lay of the land”.

Our designers are then able to provide suggestions and recommendation for your unique space.  We can even draw you a quick sketch to get a better feel for the project.  Once a general plan is agreed upon, approximate cost estimates can be provided.

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On Site Landscaping Consultation
Landscape Design

Landscape Design

Landscape design is the next stage in the landscaping process.  At Oasis Landscapes, the goal of the design process is to create unique outdoor living spaces.  We utilize industry leading landscape design software, and our understanding of your space to complete the design.

It’s a little like seeing the future. Our design team is able to show you just how beautiful your landscaping project will be. Even before our team starts the installation.

Our design team can either build your landscaping project from the ground up, or work with you to turn your creative vision into and actionable design plan.

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Landscape Installation

Landscape installation is the most critical portion of every landscaping project but would not be possible without consultation, landscape design, and planning. Considerations must be given for space, flow, plat heights, shading, plant maturity, and the list goes on. On top of all of that, it can be very heavy.

Go ahead and rest easy, leave the heavy lifting to our professional and experienced team of landscape installers. We will make the entire project seamless. Our team will come prepared with the landscape design, bring in all of the materials, and make your landscape come to life. We even promise to leave your space in better condition than when we arrived!

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Landscaping Installation
Landscape Design

Landscape Maintenance

By this stage in the landscaping process you have already been enjoying your new outdoor living space.  Sharing your new space with family, friends, and neighbors. And resting easy knowing that your investment has improved your property’s value by up to 15%

Unfortunately as with everything else, some maintenance is required.  Want to tackle the maintenance of your landscape on your own?  That’s great! Be sure to let us know so we can provide guidance on the proper care of your unique landscape.

Or leave is up to the Oasis Landscapes processional landscape maintenance team.  Professional landscape maintenance enhances the health, performance, and natural beauty of your trees, shrubs, flowers, and lawns.  And of course frees up for time for you to enjoy your unique space.

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