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One of the landscaping features we install the most often if edging around other features. This edging is usually filled with bushes, shrubs, trees, or flowers. The space around the plants need to be filled with something. Rock fill is a common low maintenance choice. Rock fill does a few things. It adds beauty and interest to your landscape, and also helps prevent the growth of unwanted weeds. Rock fill is available in a large selection of colors, shapes, and sizes. If you are trying to keep animals or pets out of your landscape, a large size rock selection is helpful. If you want your landscape to be paw friendly, small stones are recommended. Be sure to let us know how you plan to use your new landscape so we can make the right recommendation. Edging and rock fill is one of the fastest ways to improve the curb appeal of your property. Let our landscaping professionals in West Fargo do the hard work for you. Contact Us Today!

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Boulder Retaining Wall with Patio and Paver Stair Case


Another great example of our landscaping work in the Fargo area. This landscape is one of the most complex landscaping project we have on record. The included pictures only show a portion of the complete landscape. First off we have a really nice large stone or boulder retaining wall. This retaining […]

Raised Paver Patio with Retaining Walls, Stairs, Deck, and Seating Wall


Our goal at Oasis Landscapes located in West Fargo, ND is to create unique outdoor living spaces. This landscape surely fits within that goal. There are a large number of elements in this landscape making in very interesting. First off we have the retaining walls supporting the raised […]

Multi-Colored Paver Patio with Stair System and Rock Fill Edging


Here we have another awesome landscaping project installed by Oasis Landscapes in West Fargo. The patio pavers selected for the project are very neat. The color difference of each paver gives this patio a really unique look. If you look closely at each paver, the color difference is […]

Retaining Wall Landscaping Around Flag Pole


Here we have another great example of landscaping in Fargo, North Dakota. This landscaping project shows of this property owners patriotism and support for the NDSU Bison. The elevation change of this property even being very slight allowed for installation of retaining walls making this project rise out of […]

Patio with Hot Tub Surrounded by Elevated Rocked Filled Plant Beds


Here we have another amazing landscaping project installed by Oasis Landscapes in West Fargo. There is a lot going on with this landscape and it was a challenging design. This landscape features a patio with a hot tub which everyone can appreciate. There is nothing like time in a hot tub on a cool […]

Earth Tone Paver Patio with Sitting Wall and Rock Fill Edging


Who wouldn’t love to have this landscape in their backyard. The landscape design includes a paver patio with a nice sitting wall surrounding the outermost edge of the patio. The columns at each end of the sitting wall make this feature stand out of the landscape.

Don’t forget the hot tub in the […]