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Landscaping in West Fargo and the surrounding area isn’t always as level as we would like. The ground in the area is usually quite flat. That doesn’t mean your landscape always is. It is often necessary to transition your landscaping from one level to another. This is where steps and stair systems come in. Steps and stair systems are used in landscaping when elevation changes are required. This may be from one level of your patio to another, or from your patio into your house. Where ever there is an elevation change, stair system can be installed to make the transition beautiful and functional. In most cases, stair systems can be constructed out of the same material as the rest of your landscape. This gives you one cohesive look across your landscape. If your next landscaping project will require stair systems keep Oasis Landscapes in mind. Our experienced landscape installers in West Fargo will create the perfect stair system for your landscape.

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Backyard Fire Pit with Seat Wall and Paver Patio


This landscape in Fargo is sure be a popular spot for entertaining, relaxing, and enjoying the outdoors. This landscape features a custom fire pit designed and installed by Oasis Landscapes. The fire pit is half surrounded by a retaining seat wall. Seat walls or sitting walls are a […]

Boulder Retaining Wall with Patio and Paver Stair Case


Another great example of our landscaping work in the Fargo area. This landscape is one of the most complex landscaping project we have on record. The included pictures only show a portion of the complete landscape. First off we have a really nice large stone or boulder retaining wall. This retaining […]

Raised Paver Patio with Retaining Walls, Stairs, Deck, and Seating Wall


Our goal at Oasis Landscapes located in West Fargo, ND is to create unique outdoor living spaces. This landscape surely fits within that goal. There are a large number of elements in this landscape making in very interesting. First off we have the retaining walls supporting the raised […]

Multi-Colored Paver Patio with Stair System and Rock Fill Edging


Here we have another awesome landscaping project installed by Oasis Landscapes in West Fargo. The patio pavers selected for the project are very neat. The color difference of each paver gives this patio a really unique look. If you look closely at each paver, the color difference is […]

Stained Concrete Patio with Retaining Walls and Lots of Landscape Lighting


Are you looking for stained concrete for your landscaping in Fargo or the surrounding area? Here we have a beautiful example of what stained concrete can go. This patio is amazingly beautiful. Quite a lot of work went into completing this landscaping project. There are a ton of elements included in […]

Brick Driveway, Retaining Walls, and Stairs


This is a very unique landscaping project. The most notable portion of the landscape is the paver driveway. Driveways are usually constructed with concrete. Having the opportunity the build a paver driveway was a great experience. We also added a bit of detail to the center of the driveway with the larger bricks. This adds […]