Pavers are commonly used in landscaping projects for a variety of reasons and are available in a massive variety of shapes, colors, materials, and sizes. One of the greatest benefits of using pavers in landscaping projects is the versatility they provide. Generally speaking, landscaping features are made up of a large number of much smaller individual pavers. This size of the individual paver allows them to be arranged and configured in almost every shape you can think of. Pavers can also be cut or divided giving our landscaping professional in Fargo even more flexibility with the landscape design.

Another great benefit of pavers when compared to large concrete slabs is the ability to repair individual blocks. With a large concrete slab if a crack appears or other damage occurs, there are very limited repair options. With paver based landscaping features since they are made up of many individual bricks, the damaged blocks are removed and replacements are installed. Paver based landscaping features are also able to flex with the land they are placed on. This helps your landscape maintain its like new look for years and years.

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