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Landscape lighting is an awesome way to really light up your landscape. Landscape lighting is the perfect way to provide illumination for aesthetics, security, and nighttime social events. Landscape lighting can be used in a variety of ways to add to the beauty of your landscaping in West Fargo. Spotlights can be used to highlight larger items like trees. Accent lights can be placed underneath steps for safety. The possibilities are almost endless. Another great thing is depending on the type, landscape lighting can fall under the category of low voltage lighting which can have different regulations. The best thing to do if you are considering adding lighting to your landscape, call one of our landscaping professionals in West Fargo. We’ll help you through the process and let you know exactly what you need. Contact Us!

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Stained Concrete Patio with Retaining Walls and Lots of Landscape Lighting


Are you looking for stained concrete for your landscaping in Fargo or the surrounding area? Here we have a beautiful example of what stained concrete can go. This patio is amazingly beautiful. Quite a lot of work went into completing this landscaping project. There are a ton of elements included in […]

Retaining Wall Landscaping Around Flag Pole


Here we have another great example of landscaping in Fargo, North Dakota. This landscaping project shows of this property owners patriotism and support for the NDSU Bison. The elevation change of this property even being very slight allowed for installation of retaining walls making this project rise out of […]

Patio with Hot Tub Surrounded by Elevated Rocked Filled Plant Beds


Here we have another amazing landscaping project installed by Oasis Landscapes in West Fargo. There is a lot going on with this landscape and it was a challenging design. This landscape features a patio with a hot tub which everyone can appreciate. There is nothing like time in a hot tub on a cool […]

Large Stone Patio with Colorful Rock Bed Edging


This is one of the most gorgeous pictures of one of our landscaping projects which is why it is featured on our home page.  

This landscape design consist of large irregularly shaped stone patio blocks.  The nature of the stone gives each piece a slightly different color.  It is a challenge to put these […]

Paver Patio with Fire Pit & Integrated Plantscapes


This landscaping project is one of my favorites. It’s in my backyard! The design of the landscape incorporates a large number of elements. Right away there was the large tree to deal with that was going to be right in the middle of the patio. Instead of removing that tree, it was incorporated into […]