Project Description

This landscaping project is one of my favorites. It’s in my backyard! The design of the landscape incorporates a large number of elements. Right away there was the large tree to deal with that was going to be right in the middle of the patio. Instead of removing that tree, it was incorporated into the landscape design with a retaining wall, mulch, and additional plantings shortly after this picture was taken. This created some unique walkways around this central plantscape which adds to the beauty of this landscape design.

Then is was on to the seating area and fire feature. There is enough room for tables and chairs on the patio right by the fire pit. For this landscape we chose a traditional wood burning fire pit. Around the fire pit, there is a seating wall that really adds some uniqueness to the landscape design.

Finally the patio was surrounded with additional plantscapes to really set it apart. There is still a more work to complete including the outdoor kitchen but that is for another year.

If you have a large landscaping project that you would like to explore, keep in mind that we can develop a landscape design and complete the installation in stages.