Project Description

This is one of the most gorgeous pictures of one of our landscaping projects which is why it is featured on our home page.  

This landscape design consist of large irregularly shaped stone patio blocks.  The nature of the stone gives each piece a slightly different color.  It is a challenge to put these stones together with the final shape being a circle.  But when you can pull it off, it make for an amazing landscape.  

This amazing patio is surrounded by an rock bed with edging.  It would be a bit on the boring side if that was it so various plants, trees, and shrubs were added to the landscape design.  

Add all of these together, pick the right day in the right season, and you have an amazing opportunity for some beautiful photographs.  

Looking for a landscape like this to call your own?  Contact us for details.  Not quite what you are looking for, check out our portfolio for more landscaping ideas.