One of our goals when approaching any landscaping project is creating beauty with nature. This means we attempt to incorporate natural elements into our landscape design. This could be anything from elevation changes, to existing plants, trees, or shrubs. One of the things nature does very well is incorporating a wide range of colors into small spaces. Colors can be incorporated into many different parts of your landscape. Patio pavers come in many shapes sizes and colors. Flowing plants, trees, and shrubs can be added to mulch or rock filled beds around your patio or property. The options for creating a colorful landscape are almost limitless. If you are interested in adding some color to your landscape in West Fargo or the surrounding area give us a call or complete our contact form and we will get back to you.

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Retaining Wall Landscaping Around Flag Pole


Here we have another great example of landscaping in Fargo, North Dakota. This landscaping project shows of this property owners patriotism and support for the NDSU Bison. The elevation change of this property even being very slight allowed for installation of retaining walls making this project rise out of […]

Large Stone Patio with Colorful Rock Bed Edging


This is one of the most gorgeous pictures of one of our landscaping projects which is why it is featured on our home page.  

This landscape design consist of large irregularly shaped stone patio blocks.  The nature of the stone gives each piece a slightly different color.  It is a challenge to put these […]