Wood mulch is a popular fill material for landscapes and plant beds. Wood mulch is available in a variety or wood types, colors, and sizes. Recently local home stores have even started offering natural wood mulch created from reclaimed or unused building lumber. If you are looking for a very natural look for your landscape, wood mulch is the way to go. You will have multiple color choices. Be sure to select a color that you will enjoy but don’t worry too much about it. You can always change the color by adding new wood mulch right on top of your old much as it ages. Wood mulch does require additional attention when compared to rock fill. Rock fill is considered semi permanent and will change very little over time. Wood mulch on the other had will require a “refresh” every so often. With the sun continually beating down on your landscape in the summer months, wood mulch will begin to fade. A quick fix is to gently stir up your mulch beds. This will rearrange the mulch chips revealing a less faded look. The better solution is to add a thing layer of new mulch on top of your old mulch. This will provide the best results. Are you looking for landscaping in Fargo ND, West Fargo ND, Moorhead MN, or the surrounding area? If you are, contact us. Our team of experience landscaping professionals would love to work with you to reach your landscaping goals.