The soothing sound of a bubbling brook, the view of a fountain, or just having a waterfall elevate your space to new heights. There is just something about water features that draw people’s attention and make your space even more unique. Waterscapes utilize elements from across the landscaping spectrum. Retaining walls can be used to elevate the upper portion of your waterscape. Landscape edging and either rock fill or wood mulch are use to surround the waterscape. Rocks are also typically used to hide the mechanical components of watercapes. Plants placed around waterscape features really make them look like they are part of the natural landscape. Here is a selection of our landscaping project that include a waterscape component. Hovering over the image will give you a link icon and a magnifying glass. The link icon will bring you to the project page where you can learn more about the landscaping project. The magnifying glass will enlarge the image and allow you to share it via social media. If you are in need of landscaping in Fargo, West Fargo, Moorhead, or the surrounding area give us a call. We would love to hear your landscaping dreams and see if we can work together to create a plan to make your dreams a reality.

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